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Downtown Dining Experiences

Visiting Tuscany is unimaginable without culinary experiences. Immerse yourself in the Florentine lifestyle and discover the region's passion for food with us! We will take you to the most amazing dining experience in town!

4 dishes, 3 restaurants, 2 famous sights and 1 fabulous team!

This is what we offer to you on our Dining Experiences. All of these in one single event. Our Team Dining Experience is an innovative new way to discover Florence’s downtown in one evening through restaurants, narrow streets and famous sights.

The menu and thus the locations are varied based on the season and your preference. We can adapt the dishes to any dietary restrictions and to other special requests. At autumn we might take you to a truffle tasting followed by a wild-boar ragu pasta, while at summer we might bring you to a gelato making place after the dinner or to sip a cool cocktail on a fancy place. In case of a gala event we take you to elegant locations while in case of a casual dinner we bring you to a less formal trattoria.

The Downtown Dining Tour usually takes 3-3,5 hours and we will walk 10-15 minutes between the locations. It is ideal for groups to get to know each other better because participants typically sit next to different team members at each location. A conventional dinner doesn’t give opportunity for networking as people are spending hours only with talking to the same two or three persons next to them.

How it works

1. We take you to a cool bar to taste some delicious appetizer

2. After that we take a quick walk in downtown to our next destination. During our way we will show you a famous sight, tell you stories and make you laugh!

3. As a next step we go to a typical Italian restaurant to serve you an authentic first and a second dish (usually seasonal fresh pasta followed with a main course). During the dinner we will entertain you with facts and secrets of the Tuscan gastronomy

4. After our dining experience we continue our way to discover hidden corners and breathtaking places. Only to create some space for the dessert!

5. As a last step of our culinary tour, we visit a bar or a pastry shop to finish the dining experience with homemade desserts and coffee. We'll close our event with a group picture to remember it all!

We like to offer you authentic edible experiences in Florence. Choosing an event with us means to become a local for a day. Slow down and be ready to live the city with us: hearty homemade food is included!

Our culinary tours are hands-on, as we believe that we learn through experiencing. We’ll choose honest traditional dishes, something you’ll be able to taste only in Tuscany.

We strongly believe in a creative network of restaurants and friends: during our food tours you’ll have the chance to discover and taste local products such as Tuscan pecorino cheese, extra virgin olive oil, wine, cinta senese pork, chianina cow meat and much more, according to the season.

Every meal will be an excuse to travel through Tuscany thanks to local recipes, memories and stories.

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