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Incentive Programs

Motivate and engage your colleagues with an experience of a lifetime! Florence’s historical treasures meets exclusivity and authentic coolness with our unique, memorable programs.

If we were to create a list of the most beautiful environment for an incentive trip, Florence would certainly be one of the first. This charming town, through which the Arno river flows, is not only the capital of Tuscany, but also an important center of art, history and culture in all its forms.  Many famous Italian personalities are connected in some way to Florence. Bocaccio, the writer of the Decameron, Dante Alighieri, the author of the Divine Comedy, Leonardo da Vinci, the versatile genius and Michelangelo, the sculptor and painter in service of the Medici family and the popes.

Enjoy the endless list of sights during our incentive program, which for us mean getting people involved in an urban adventure among art, history, gastronomy and photography in the cradle of the Renaissance.



The historical part of Florence

Number of participants

6-60 people


2-6 hours




Recommended in any season

Our well elaborated incentive tours are designed for the angles of our town. Small groups are following our precise instructions to find places which otherwise would have remained hidden. These places offer enjoyable prizes, precious time spent together. A real non-cash reward for employees, business partners throughout the whole year, for all age groups.

Ideal For

Spending quality time together in a breathtaking environment

Discovering hidden places through creative tasks

Experiencing an interactive game with fun award ceremony

Non-cash reward for employees, business partners

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