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Interactive City Discovery

for Groups and Agencies

Interactive City Discovery

Instead of a “follow the umbrella” kind of tour we offer tailor made, thematic and interactive city discovery programs which will surely make every participant instantly fall in love with Florence.

A treasure hunt in the city, a gamified walking tour, a type of outdoor escape room. There are many ways to describe it.

Challenging activities allow team members to collaborate, interact with each other, express themselves and most importantly, get to know each other. These three components in a passionate and high-engaging game are the source of pure pleasure and fun.

Are you ready to unleash your inner Indiana Jones during your trip and explore Florence from a different perspective? Do you wish to do sightseeing, find out interesting facts and urban legends, cooperate with your team members, taking photos and having lots of fun in the meanwhile? If the answer is “yes”, our interactive tours are for you. All you need is curiosity, thirst for discovery and passion for adventure.



The historical part of Florence

Number of participants

6-60 people


2-6 hours




Recommended in any season

The event usually starts in a hotel, a restaurant or a public place where trainers welcome the participants and explain the rules of the game. Participants, divided in groups, have to overcome a serious of stages and get in contact with the history, the culture and the gastronomic aspects of the city. Every single completed task will be awarded with points based on the difficulty of the challenge. A team with the highest score wins.

Ideal For

Exploring the city in a different way while competing with others

Discovering artistic and cultural aspects through funny tasks

Experiencing an interactive game with fun award ceremony

Fits for smaller groups on a budget

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