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Team Building Games

Team building activities contribute to the growth and development of your company, motivating and inspiring your team. The target is always the same: bringing out the best in a team to ensure self-development, positive communication, leadership skills and the ability to work together as a group to solve problems.

The ideas are not only to discover the “human” side of the colleagues, coming into contact with them also from a purely emphatic point of view, but also to share ideas and experiences whose ultimate goal is to increase the cohesion of the working group and, consequently, increase productivity.

For all these, we dreamed Mediterranean life style, fun tasks, a bit of the famous Italian gastronomy and as a frame: Florence, the town with magnificent artistic and cultural settings.

We offer entertaining team games and at the same time we make you discover the beauties of Florence.

We believe in life beyond the flip-chart, which means that solving problems in an unusual environment in an informal, playful way will help the participants to get to know better outside the office, to introduce people working together on a new project, to provide a break at a conference or convention and to acquaint the team with the history, legends and stories of Florence.



The historical part of Florence

Number of participants

6-60 people


2-6 hours




Recommended in any season

The event usually starts in a hotel, a restaurant or a public place where trainers welcome the participants and explain the rules of the game. Participants, divided in groups, have to overcome a serious of stages and get in contact with the history, the culture and the gastronomic aspects of the city. Every single completed task will be awarded with points based on the difficulty of the challenge. A team with the highest score wins.

Ideal For

Get to know each other better outside the office

Emphasize teamwork skills in an informal way

Experiencing an interactive competition with fun award ceremony

Ideal for a break at a conference or convention

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