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Wildly known as the cradle of the renaissance but this town is much more. Founded by the Romans in the 1st Century A.D., populated by merchants, bankers, wool and silk manufacturers from the 12th century and guided by the Medici Dynasty from the 15th century for around three centuries.
As a potential, rich, powerful city state, Florence could conquest the whole Tuscan land creating the Tuscan Duchy. The Medici's has always believed in the power of art, so they could create the perfect school for artists like Giotto, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Botticelli.

Florence’s cuisine proves that traditional recipes could be maintained for generations, what‘s more thanks to Caterina de Medici could become the base of the French gourmet.

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The visitors of Florence today can have wide ranging experiences during their stay. The town itself is around 2000 years old and the reason why 15 million people want to see yearly is that it still has strong connection with the past. Be prepared, as here even in unexpected places, hundreds of years of history will greet you.
The symbol of Florence is the “Ponte Vecchio”, the “Old Bridge”, which was built in 1345 after the flood in 1333. This is the only bridge saved from the bombing in the II. World war. On one side, on the top of the bridge, you can see a secret pathway which was built in 1565 by the order of Cosimo I, one of the greatest Medici ruler. It is called Vasari corridor after the architect working on the project.
The Cathedral is a gothic building from the 14th century, with the Dome, projected, built by the Renaissance genius, Filippo Brunelleschi.
Let‘s not forget about Dante Alighieri, the medieval author of the Divine Comedy, who was a real Florentine serving his Town until the day of his exile. Today you can still visit his house museum and imagine how difficult life was in the 12th and 13th century thanks to a strong political conflict.
The Townhall, the “Palazzo Vecchio” is still the political center of Florence even after more than 600 years.
These are just a few sights that you can visit during a tour. It is highly important to underline that these buildings remain just buildings without explanation, guidance. They start to tell stories through someone with the knowledge.

Things to Do

The sightseeing tours in Florence are tailor made for the special requests and interests of the clients. We can help, though, to choose from different activities, like visiting a traditional goldsmith workshop at the Ponte Vecchio, or tasting perfumes in one of the many historical profumeria. If you are interested in gastronomy, we will be more than glad to show you the market and its “worth to taste and visit” corners. If you arrive with the strong wish to say a prayer in one of the ancient churches in town, and admire in the meanwhile the frescoes of Giotto, Botticelli, Ghirlandaio, we can show you even less known but quiet and intimate corners.

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