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Planning all the details of your holiday since the winter months or you just made a last minute decision during the summer? It doesn’t matter. What matters is finding the right destination, the right service providers with customer friendly attitude and to have beautiful experiences which last for a life time. And to take many nice pictures, of course!
You can easily ask: „OK, that sounds great, but we are a family with children! For us, maybe not everything is available, not everything is easy.” Well, for many agencies, tour guides, companies probably you are a so called „problematic client”. Why? Because most guides do not have the approach to explain things for adults and children at the same time, creating a commonly enjoyable tour.
We, at the Dolce Vita Experiences, think and act differently. As a tour guide and also mother, we do understand the requirements of the families but even the difficulties of the colleagues. Entertaining adults, finding the right balance between fun and discovery and taking care of the children’s needs at the same time requires preparation, ability and passion. This is exactly what we offer to our highly appreciated families with our tours tailor-made for them.


Family Holiday

Switch off for adults as they are on holiday and valid information about Florence for children. Why for children too? For all age groups, at school, the topic of Renaissance, Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci appears sooner or later.  Without a first hand experience, the material often remains a black and white knowledge. What if we can change it? What if a tour can bring closer the arguments in a playful way? Myself, as a mother love seeing the shining eyes of my son while discovering something new. When something grabs his attention, he can talk for weeks about it, dream about it and play with it. Fantastic! A real satisfaction for a parent.

We all know that a third person is much more possible to have this effect than a mother or father. WE, at Dolce Vita Experiences would love to play the role of this third person and show you and your children Florence and all its charming beauties, centuries long adventures, secrets and protagonists. If we can raise the interest for further studies, we are more than happy, but we are satisfied even if you remember our tour as the highlight of your stay in Italy!

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