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Siena is a place where you leave a piece of your heart after visiting its cathedral, town hall, main square and learn about its horse race, the Palio. Even its Medieval art makes it a curious destination during a trip in Tuscany. The town itself is a scene for an imaginary trip in the Middle Ages with the gothic styled palaces, the fan shaped central square and its cobble stoned narrow streets talk about the glorious centuries of a town along the Pilgrims‘ Path, the via Francigena.

Twice a year the locals cheer for the horse of their “contrada” which can win the glory, the rebirth and the right to celebrate for the whole year. Local specialities like the pici pasta, the wild boar sauce and different biscuits are highly recommended to taste.

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Not Needed for EU Citizens.

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Siena is a town where profane and saint walk hand in hand. The horse race is dedicated to the Virgin Mary, the Cathedral‘s beautiful pavement tells stories about sybils, characters known by alchemists and the statues of the Capitoline wolf decorate even holy places.

Things to Do

A typical sightseeing tour in Siena takes you through paths, streets which existed even in the Middle Ages, what‘s more the buildings still show their original structure. The visit in the Cathedral is highly recommended as it is something special even inside. The tours can include the tasting of biscuits, sweets which are prepared even today as they were hundreds of years ago.

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