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Siena Guided Tour

Siena Guided Tour

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What I find the most surprising in Tuscany is its variety. Florence with Renaissance buildings, marble and amazing inventions in art. Siena, a town just 50 km from Florence is a completely different world. Its Gothic heritage has been kept for centuries with the refuse of even similar things used in the rival town, Florence.

Statues in wood instead of marble, gold, elegance and luxury in painting. And the Palio. A horserace run twice a year, which is far more than just a show.

The Cathedral of Siena is a magic place with so many secrets. A tour in Siena can become a discovery of the Middle Ages and many more.


San Domenico Church, Santa Caterina Monastery, Contrada della Selva, Cathedral and its square, via di Città, Piazza del Campo, Monte dei Paschi di Siena bank. (The itinerary can be modified in case of any requests of the client(s).


  • Visiting a local sweet bakery where traditional cakes have been prepared for centuries
  • Visiting a Contrada Museum, which shows the secret life of a “district” of Siena and the Palio

What’s included

  • 3 hours tour with the visit of the Cathedral
3 hours
Any+ Age
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    Comfortable shoes, leisure

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