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The Beauties of Tuscany

Good news for those who are curious to discover the Unesco sites around the world! If you visit Tuscany, you‘ll find plenty of them.

The whole city center of Florence is protected by Unesco. Just to mention one example for the beauties (on the photo), the Santa Croce Church. Its façade is very similar to the Cathedral‘ and even the one of the Santa Maria Novella church. Inside, frescoes of Giotto, a wooden crucifix from the 12th century, a painting of Cimabue and tombs of famous Italians are waiting for the visitors. Among many others, Michelangelo, Galileo, Rossini and Machiavelli rest here.

The square in front of the church gives place to important events in town, just like the Christmas fair, and the very popular “calcio storico” , a fight among the four districts of Florence, organized in 24th June, the day of the patron saint of Florence, Saint John, the Baptist. You can also find Dante (his huge statue) at the corner of the square watching all the players and tourists.

All the 14 villas of the Medici family are also on the list of the Unesco sites in Italy. Some of them are private owned, some are museums expecting visitors. Almost in all cases, they are built on a hill with huge gardens around, and a nice view on the neighboring village. They can be found outside Florence, mostly on the Northern part of Tuscany. Wedding location seekers can easily fall in love in the private villas, which often run a luxury hotel or organize special events.

A beach with the sign “bandiera blue” can be considered safe, clean enjoyable. In Tuscany the sea lovers can easily find one which fits their requirement. In Viareggio, for example, a very long seafront hosts thousands of tourists each season. Apart from the sandy beach, even a nice, delicious lunch or dinner can add to the success of the holiday. Viareggio is reachable by an hour journey by train from Florence. In February, Viareggio organizes one of the biggest carnival in Italy, so no panic if someone has days off only in winter. Tuscany throughout the whole year offers magic.

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