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3 Team Building Ideas

The expression “team building” at first does not always generate enthusiasm but embarrassment. Participants sometimes have fear that they‘ll need to perform in public or do things they would rather avoid. Those agencies, companies who organize team building activities are perfectly aware of this and their target is far from pushing anyone in embarrassing circumstances.
Here are some ideas for team buildings which people actually enjoy. They can be used at a team retreat, an after-work activities or at a weekend team getaway.

Memory wall

This activity‘s target is to relive the team‘s shared memories. Team members write down their memories with each other and stick them on a wall.

Number of participants: 5-50

Duration: 40-100 minutes

Target: Build relationship between team members and create a welcoming atmosphere.


How to play:

  • Each participants need sheet of paper, markers and tape.
  • Give 15 minutes to the participants to write down positive memories of shared experiences during working hours.
  • Ask participants to prepare a drawing which describes well their memory. If they are ready, drawings need to stuck on the wall.
  • Ask volunteers to share their memories with the others. Laugh is guaranteed at both sides, those who have experienced and those who hear the story for the first time.

Two truths, one lie

A perfect icebreaker! This game can be played competitively and award points for each lie they guess. Helps to encourage better communication and get to know the coworkers better.

Number of participants: 5-60

Duration: 40-60 minutes


How to play:

  • The group gathers in a room and each participants need to write down three sentences about himself/herself.
  • Each participants of the group stands up and say out loud the 3 things but only. They need to convince their colleagues about the truth of the statements. In order to do that, they need to detail the stories and take the trust of the group.
  • Team members vote on which one they think is a lie.

The egg drop

This game uses teamwork and problem solving to bond team members. The more participants the game has, the better.

Number of participants: At least two small groups

Duration: 1-2 hours

Tools needed: office supplies


How to play:

  • Divide the participants in two or more groups of three of five members. Each group gets an uncooked egg. The groups have 15-30 minutes to build a contraption around the egg that will keep the egg from breaking when dropped. Once time is up, drop the eggs from above and see which eggs survive the “flight”.

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