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Meet the artisans of Florence

Meet the artisans of Florence

€100 / per person
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€100 per person. Small groups only up to 8 people

Workshop to discover a hidden world of Florence through its artisans.


    • Visit Florence’s artisans with a local expert
    • Learn new skills through seeing, touching and listening
    • Off the beaten path tour to discover hidden gems


Not by chance Salvatore Ferragamo chose Florence to settle his company in the beginning of the last century. Here he could find artisans specialized in working with leather and other materials. The wool and silk industry brought richness in Florence from the 12th century. Coloring, cutting and processing required force from the operators. Throughout the centuries – apart from painters, sculptors who were considered artisans already since a long time – small workshops were born representing ancient techniques and professions like goldsmith, handmade paper, leather goods and Florentine mosaics. Some of these artisans can still be seen during work even nowadays. This workshop is for those interested in an ancient, silent, almost forgotten world.


Visiting a goldsmith workshop close to the famous Ponte Vecchio bridge. You can see, admire, learn and even try the ancient techniques still used by this bottega. The owner herself studies Renaissance painting with jewels and transforms ideas to traditional jewelry. A perfect place to choose a real, authentic souvenir from Florence.


Visiting a workshop/shop where the technique of the traditional handmade paper can be seen and tried as well. Thanks to the good relationship with Venice, revolutionary treatments even Florence could welcome and elaborate. A real new experience for eyes and hands. High quality products with fantasy, creativity and taste.


Visiting a leather workshop where bags and belt are prepared by a family-run small business. Apart from the fascinating story of the family and the location of their workshop, a real surprising view of the pieces of raw material in all colors of the rainbow. The next step is the dream, idea and imagination of the artisan to create special, high quality leather products.


After a short walk in the Santa Croce zone, we meet another family which works in silence but glad to have visitors. What is more, they are always ready to talk, to tell old stories, showing photos which summarize their career, successes, decisions. How nice to listen. Their profession is creating pictures with stones. Yes! With stones. But the funny things is that nobody can see the difference between an oil one and these ones. What a talent! What a beauty!


What’s included

  • 1-days workshop with a licensed tour guide
  • Visiting 4 different artisans
  • Lunch in a typical restaurant of Florence

What’s not included

  • Entry tickets to museums or sites are not included (not required)

Ideal For

  • Families with kids
  • Small groups
  • Incentive tours
  • Art lovers

Difficulty level

Easy. We will walk between locations in downtown so please wear comfortable shoes.

1 day
2+ Age

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