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‘Intelligent Tourism’ is the New Trend in Traveling

An unexpected epidemic created a so far unseen lock-down in Italy in the beginning of March, 2020. For around two months, people could leave their homes only to go to the supermarket and pharmacy. Companies shut down temporarily, life has stopped in a certain sense. The aim was to resolve the sanitary crises, but during these days when trends of the data curves are promising, the real economic consequences came to the surface. In each sector, even in tourism. Florence and Tuscany are particularly related to international tourism, so having no visitors for more than 2 months has very negative effects on hotels, B&Bs, restaurants, museums, wineries, etc.

Now the focus should be on a period, which is called ‘After Covid’. Now, it is time to recalculate directions, searching platforms for services and creating alternative solutions. This period has an enormous power and potential. Before you might think that I have gone crazy, I explain what I mean. Before the Covid-19 epidemic, Italy suffered from mass tourism. Towns, like Venice, Rome, Naples and Florence were always ’occupied’ by tourists who desired only a selfie with the lagunas, a gondola, David, the Colosseum, etc. Just one photo and we can go. Without staying in town, without enjoying a slow dinner with a view, without getting to know locals, without discovering the history, culture and art.

The epidemic will change things even in tourism. Maybe not for forever but definitely for a certain period of time. Mass tourism might be changed by quality tourism, even because towns will need to follow certain hygienic restrictions which will change the way museums, sights can be visited. National parks, small hamlets, countryside farms will have advantage as defined safe places. And yes, the key word will be: safety. Whoever can guarantee this, can hope for a better future. Slow tourism with small groups and special approach which we, at the Dolce Vita Experinces, have always represented, are so called alternatives to discover the city. Quick, instant, follow the umbrella tours were the opposite of what we dreamed, created and offered.

Specialist are expecting the birth of ’intelligent tourism’ which means having tourists or better called ’travelers’ who devote their time and vacation for ’smart tourism’ with more interest in dwelling into details of the place chosen. What a dream for a tour guide! All of us wish to stay in front of clients who are interested, dedicated, prepared and are appreciating to learn more about Florence or the other pearls of Tuscany.

The Dolce Vita Experiences had to suspend services for a while but we have never stopped planning, preparing for the season to come. Our tours have all the requirements of what the new trend expects from the key protagonists in tourism. We represent, as always, quality, client-focused attitude and diversity in the tours we offer. We are ready. Covid took away a lot, but very soon we can restart serving in a smart way, in a smarter environment pointing at the unchanged, the beauties of Florence and Tuscany.

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